2nd April 2019

We have begun our new Maths unit this week which is all about measures. We spent the morning using different objects to measure things with, and using the language longer and shorter. We have really enjoyed today’s lesson! 👍😀 Advertisements

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28th March 2019

Roves Farm! What a great day out we have had today 😊 we have got to see so many different animals today and lots of signs of Spring. We were even lucky enough to see 2 lambs being born, an experience I’m sure the children won’t forget! Thank you to all adults that helped on […]

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22nd March 2019

This week we have looked at the story of Pinocchio 🤥. We have been looking at the parts of our bodies and trying different foods that he might like to eat when he turns into a real boy!

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World book day 2019! 📚

We have had such a wonderful day! Mr Conway read us a story in assembly this morning that had no words. We then came back to class and spent the morning sharing our stories with each other, creating our own stories and making books. This afternoon we did some paired reading with Year 4 and […]

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26th February 2019

What an exciting start to the term! Our topic this term is called Fairytale Farm and we looked at the story of the Gingerbread Man which is our English focus. The Gingerbread Man stole our biscuits so we had to follow some clues to get them back! We then decorated and ate them 😋

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8th February 2019

Miss Caudle has decided that she is going to have to give up her job if these amazing children keep working as hard as they are! This week in Maths we have been looking at fact families. We have been taking it in turns to be the teacher and show off our amazing skills. These […]

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